7 Lifehack Products That Will Transform Your Keychain


Are you fed up with your bulky keychain?! Your keys are something you use every. single. day.

Yet, they can be extremely frustrating with the noisy jingling and sharp keys that poke you in your pocket. emoji-clipart-faces-12

Some keychains are so unorganized that it takes several minutes to find the right key. Wouldn’t it be great if you actually loved your keys?

These lifehack products can make your keys slick and compact, AND provide more function that you ever thought possible.

1. Incharge:

Key Organizer Lifehack

This is one of the most useful accessories you can attach to your keychain. It’s a lightweight, portable USB so you can charge your phone on any USB port. It’s perfect for charging your phone at work without a long, tangly cable on your desk. It also includes a keyring to easily attach it to your keychain. Check it out here.

2. Pocket Clip:

This add-on lets you attach your keychain to your pocket for easy access.  With its no-snag design, the pocket clip also lets your keychain suspend halfway into your pocket. Simply attach your keychain through the loop piece. Get your pocket clip here.

3. USB 3.0

Key Holder Lifehack

This super fast USB let’s you carry your important data with you. Store and access all the files you need on-the-go with this slim USB that easily attaches to your keychain. Learn more about this awesome USB here.

4. NanoStylus

This slick keychain stylus features a strong grip and a fine tip so that you can make awesome SnapChats and draw/write/doodle with more precision! It includes a loop piece to easily add it to your keychain. Get your NanoStylus here.

5. MagConnect

Key organizer

This magnetic connector makes it so easy to adjust your keychain so that you only carry what you need, when you need it. Attach one end to something you want to add to your keychain, like a car key fob. And attach the other piece to your key holder. It connects through a strong magnet so it’s easy to attach or detach each piece. Check out MagConnect here.

6. Screwdriver


This handy screwdriver disappears right into your key organizer. It’s slim and compact enough to carry with you anywhere. This is perfect for anyone who likes to fix things on-the-go! Check out the screwdriver here.

7. KeySmart Pro with Tile™ Smart Location

This is the ultimate lifehack. The KeySmart Pro organizes your keys into a slick compact key holder that fits right in your pocket. It also includes a bottle opener and built-in flashlight. But the BIGGEST lifehack feature – YOU CAN NEVER LOSE YOUR KEYS. Using the free tile app, you can make your keys ring so you can find them faster. You can also locate your keys on a map to see where you left them. AND it works vice versa with your phone. Double tap your KeySmart Pro to make your missing phone ring, even on silent.

And did we mention that all the accessories above work with the KeySmart Pro? So you can customize it to meet your everyday carry needs. 

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