The 10-in-1 Multi-Tool You’ll Regret Not Having on Your Next Camping Trip



Seasoned campers and hikers know that they can find themselves in unpleasant and even dangerous situations if they don’t have the right supplies on hand. But who wants to carry a bunch of bulky, heavy tools?

The best camping tools are highly functional, durable and compact. You depend on these tools when you’re in the wilderness with limited resources. They need to hold up in rough weather conditions and severe wear and tear. Plus, these tools need to be lightweight and accessible when you carry them for long periods of time. What if you could carry 10+ essential camping tools in the palm of your hand? 

The KeySmart Pro is one of the smartest, most versatile and valuable multi-tools to bring camping or hiking.

With the KeySmart Pro, you’ll feel like you’re carrying less, like an expert camper 100% prepared to handle any camping crisis.

It’s the one thing you’d regret not having on your next camping trip!

1. KeySmart Pro – Compact Key Organizer You’ll Never Lose

Camping Multi Tool

This swiss-style key holder organizes all your keys so that they’re smaller than pack of gum, to save you space and make your keys easier to carry while hiking and camping.  There’s so much you can do with the extra room, like add valuable camping tools and accessories. 

THE BEST PART: It includes a rechargeable LOCATION TRACKER so you can never lose this awesome multitool. No other key organizer or multi-tool has this capability!

Camping Tools

The KeySmartPro syncs with your phone using the free Tile app. You can make your missing keys ring (see photo below) so you can find them faster in you coat pocket or backpack.

Best camping tools

And you can locate them on a map to see where you left them, in case you drop them in the mountains or leave them at the campsite.

Major Bonus: It also works vice versa with your phone – if your phone is missing, you press a button on the KeySmart Pro to make your missing phone ring, even on silent.

2. Bottle opener

Camping Hiking Multi Tool


The KeySmart Pro also comes with a bottle opener to open beers after a long day hiking or camping. This durable bottle opener is so lightweight that you can carry it everyday without even realizing it, and always have a bottle opener when you need one.

3. Flashlight

Camping flashlight multi tool

The KeySmart Pro comes with a powerful built-in flashlight. It’s bright enough to shine light on a dark trail or help you find the zipper on your tent at night.

4. Fire Starter

Camping tools firestarter

This accessory makes it easy to start a campfire no matter the conditions. It’s small and powerful so you can get a fire going to keep you warm or cook your food while camping. (Sells out fast so buy now!)

5. Folding Knife

Best Camping Knife

This compact folding knife is a add-on accessory that closes perfectly into the KeySmart Pro. It’s sharp, functional and strong enough to cut through wire, boxes and meat. It’s also great as an everyday carry knife for protection.

6. Pocket Clip

Camping tool supplies

This add-on lets you attach you keychain to your pocket or hiking backpack for easy access. This way you can quickly unlock your car door or gun box if trouble arrives. You also have quick access to your flashlight when you need it.

7. Duck Tape

Best camping tools

Things rip and tear in rough conditions while hiking and camping. This duck tape roller is compact enough to carry around at all times, but durable enough to patch a hole in your tent or repair a tear in your backpack.

8. Screwdriver

Camping screwdriver multitool

This screwdriver accessory comes in handy camping when your chair or duck blind screws need to be tightened, which could make or break a trip.

9. Pliers

Hiking tools

Trees and woods mean splinters. These lightweight pliers are great for picking out splinters before they become painful and infected while you’re hiking in a woodsy area.

10. Nano Wrench

Hiking multitool

This Nano Wrench add-on is incredibly sturdy and functional, yet very lightweight and compact. If you find yourself needing to tighten or loosen equipment bolts, or open quickly open a can,  this is the perfect addition to your keys.


The KeySmart Pro is the world’s SMARTEST most versatile camping multi-tool.

It’s time to ditch the bulky, heavy camping tools. Join over 4 million customers who have upgraded to KeySmart. You’ll be thankful you brought this incredible multi-tool on you next camping trip!

Ps. It also makes a GREAT GIFT for anyone who likes hiking, hunting or camping. 

Where can I buy the KeySmart Pro?

It’s easy. You can buy a KeySmart Pro (flashlight and bottle opener included) for just 59.99 here and add any of the above accessories to customize your own camping multi-tool.

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