The Top 3 Germ-Fighting Tools The World Needs Right Now

The Covid-19 pandemic has everyone thinking about how to stay safe and protect their families. Right now, staying safe means avoiding germ exposure

The best way to avoid germs is to stay home. But not everyone can stay home, all the time. Some people need to go to work, others need to grocery shop or go to a hardware store. Germ phobia is real. Do you find yourself noting everything you touch when you leave the house? You’re not alone. Companies are stepping up to create innovative products that address global concerns and protect communities from the spread. When you have to go out, these products can help limit germ exposure. 😷😷😷

1. CleanKey™


What if your hand could kill germs? Well, this is the next best thing. This antimicrobial hand tool prevents germ transmission! Avoid direct contact with high-touch surfaces in public. This is the NO-TOUCH way to open doors, use store touchscreens and press public buttons. The CleanKey is inherently germ-fighting. It is composed of Copper Alloy 260, with at least 63% Copper content, which means it kills 99.99% of germs. The ergonomic design makes it easy to open doors (push, pull or levers), use store checkouts or press elevator buttons. It has a hole so you can carry it on your keychain and it even comes with a free retractable carabiner for easy access. 

2. NanoStylus

Nanostylus at store checkout green circle

Want to avoid using the black digital pen that every other customer is using during checkout? Enter the Nanostylus. It’s a compact touchscreen stylus that attaches to your keychain. Most credit card machines require a digital signature. The precise tip makes it easy to sign during store checkout and avoid unnecessary germ exposure. Avoid public pens with your own personal keychain stylus

3. NanoPen

nanopen-hero-green circle close up

Let’s face it. Some places still require the old fashion pen-and-paper signature. Your local market, the bank, the post office etc. So you need a clean and lightweight pen on hand to avoid sharing germs with your whole community. The NanoPen is a stainless steel keychain pen with a magnetic cap. It’s easy to write with and even easier to clean. Keep this pen on your keychain or KeySmart for a clean, safe pen at a moment’s notice. 

Whether the pandemic ends in a month or in years, germ fear will linger. And these products are great tools to have on hand or in your pocket for years to come. 



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