This Viral Keychain is 259x’s More Expensive Than a Regular Keychain, But It’s Actually Worth It


Car key repalcement lost

The KeySmart Pro Featured on CBS’s The Talk

If you have a car or a house, it doesn’t make sense not to get one…

New gadget helps you locate and track your missing keys in minutes. It also helps you find your missing phone!

Have you ever lost your keys or your car key fob?! It’s such a hassle to be locked out of your car or house. Plus, car key fobs cost upwards of $200+ and can take days to replace.

Unfortunately, car companies know this and take advantage of people in need of car key replacements. They’ll charge you for a new car key, car fob AND programming, which can cost as much as $500.

But fortunately, with this new invention, you never have to worry about losing your keys again…

What is it?

The KeySmart Pro is a smart key organizer with built-in Tile™ Smart Location which lets you:

  1. Make your missing keys play a tune – so you can find them faster
  2. Locate your missing keys on a map  – through the free Tile app

BEST PART: It works vice versa with your phone. Simply double tap the button on the KeySmart Pro to make your missing phone ring, even on silent!

You can easily attach your car key fob to loop piece on the KeySmart Pro.

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Sounds Awesome, But How Much Is It?

It costs $59.99. When you can get a keychain on Amazon for .50 cents, $60 bucks may seem like a lot. But here’s why it’s worth it…

You can literally NEVER LOSE this key chain…OR your expensive car key fob ($200+), OR your phone ($700+)….which makes the KeySmart Pro pretty much priceless

Avoiding car key replacements can save you hundreds of dollars!

The benefits don’t stop there.

More benefits of the KeySmart Pro:

  • Includes a built-in flashlight and bottle opener
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Makes your keys fit perfectly in your pocket
  • Eliminates noisy, key jingle

Here what the women on CBS’s The Talk had to say about the world’s most expensive keychain:

car key replacement

“Now I know many of us have that person in our lives that is constantly losing either their cellphone or their keys, I am that person for sure. So this, I am obsessed with! It’s so easy to use…let’s say that you misplace your keys. Well, once you sync it up to your phone all you have to do is press ‘find’ and it plays the tune. And if you’re not close enough to this, the app will actually come up with a map to tell you where your keys are.”

“But this is my favorite feature, you have your keys but you can’t find your phone in your house, that happens to me all the time, you press this button twice and the phone rings even when the phone is on silent. That’s the best part. How many times has it been on vibrate or silent, you can’t find it anywhere, right? And it is such a multi function device.


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