Ahh! My Teen is Driving! 4 Ways to Relieve Anxiety for Moms With Teen Drivers (#3 made me sigh with relief)


Handing the car keys over to your 16-year-old can be a frightening thing. Do I trust this car to protect my child? Do I trust my teen with my car?! It’ a surreal combination of worry, fear and amazement.

All mothers know the day-to-day concerns of car-driving kids like “Where are they!? They said they’d be home by now.” Or “Where on earth did she leave the keys?! Did she lose them again?!”

No product is going to completely rid you of your fears but there is one gadget I came across that can relieve some child-driving anxiety. Meet the KeySmart Pro a key organizer with Tile™ location tracking that lets you ring your  keys! (plus so much more! keep reading)

What is a KeySmart?

You may have heard of KeySmart. It’s a swiss-style key organizer that blew up on Kickstarter a few years ago. Over 4 million have been sold worldwide. It fits up to 10 of your existing keys (and more with expansion packs). KeySmart is great because it organizes your keys so you find the right one faster, and it fits perfectly in your pocket. It also completely eliminates noisy key jingle!

The KeySmart Pro  is the latest version that lets you track your key’s location from the free Tile app on your phone – so you can never lose it! You’ll never have to replace the expensive car key fob ($200+) again, because it easily attaches to the KeySmart Pro. You can even make your keys ring to find them faster! It’s the perfect gift for your 16+ year-old kid – and you’ll be thankful you got it for the reasons below…

Here are 4 Ways the KeySmart Pro Will Relieve Stress for Moms with Teens Driving

1. Kids lose things (including expensive car key fobs ($200+))

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From backpacks, to jackets and purses, it’s easy for teens to lose car keys. Or just forget where they put them. With the KeySmart Pro, you can make the keys ring to find them faster! Just press “Find” in the Tile app and the KeySmart Pro will play a tune. So whether they’re in a pocket or buried in a pile of laundry, you’ll find them in seconds!

Here’s a quick demonstration of how you can ring your  keys – really simple!


2. You can keep tabs on your keys

Teenagers are always going places. From soccer practice, to friend’s houses and 7 different classrooms throughout the day, they’re constantly moving. Just like they forget their coats or backpacks once in a while, they’re going leave their keys somewhere. On average, car key fobs cost over $200, which makes it an expensive and really inconvenient mistake. Rather than replacing an expensive car key fob, you can just track the location of KeySmart Pro on a map using the free Tile app and find the keys quickly – no matter where they are!

Look how easy it is to locate your KeySmart Pro on a map! Map.gif

3. You can locate your kids, in case of emergency

Untitled design (6)

This functionality was not designed to track people in any way. But in case of emergency, it’s nice to know that you can track the KeySmart Pro‘s last location when your child was carrying it. For example, if your teen’s cell phone dies and they are with friends away for the weekend, you can look on a map to see the location of the KeySmart Pro to make sure they are where they are supposed to be, and not in trouble in a foreign location.

4. Your teen will always have quick access to a flashlight


The flashlight feature is great because they can always have it on them in case of emergencies. They can also access it quicker than their phone flashlight (no need to open any applications.) So when they’re parking at night, they can use the flashlight to shine extra light on the key holes or help them get to the door feeling a little safer and more aware of their surroundings.

ADDED BONUS: The KeySmart Pro works vice versa with your phone. If your teen loses their phone, you can double tap the KeySmart Pro to make their missing phone ring, even on silent! You can also use the Tile app to track their missing phone.


Who else wants to reduce their stress around kids driving? Thousands of moms have bought KeySmarts for their whole family for the many benefits of a smart, compact key holder.

Sound like a great deal, right? But how much does it cost?!

The KeySmart Pro costs $59.99. It comes with a 2-year warranty and remember, you can never lose this thing so it’s basically a lifetime value! The average car key fob costs over $200 so it’s worth it for that alone!


Check availability and apply discount ____ (1)


Need a little more info? Hear why The Talk hosts were blown away by the KeySmart Pro!

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 10.33.54 AM

“Now I know many of us have that person in our lives that is constantly losing either their cellphone or their keys, I am that person for sure. So this, I am obsessed with! It is the KeySmart Pro with Tile smart location and it’s so easy to use

“Let’s say that you misplace your keys…all you have to do is press ‘find’ and it plays the tune. And if you’re not close enough to this, the app will actually come up with a map to tell you where your keys are.”

“But this is my favorite feature, you have your keys but you can’t find your phone in your house, that happens to me all the time, you press this button twice and the phone rings even when the phone is on silent. That’s the best part. How many times has it been on vibrate or silent, you can’t find it anywhere, right?”

“And it is such a multi function device. We also have a bottle opener, and I love this little feature for when I get home late at night, a little flashlight.

Get your KeySmart Pro now!



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